Barnagar – Features | Jain Public Schools


  • Location

    Jain public school, Barnagar is located near the Toll tax plaza in village Dhaulana, Barnagar on Badnawar-Ujjain state highway. It is exactly at the midway of Barnagar and Badnawar, 7 km from each side. Barnagar is a small town in Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh, situated in the south-western part of the district, about 13 km north-east of Badnawar and about 45 km south-west of Ujjain. It is one of the prominent towns of the Chambal valley. It is 50 km from Ujjain and 72 km from Indore city.


  • Space

    The school is built on a 250ft x 700ft perfect rectangular land. The school has a three-storey building with two indoor play-space and fully furnished, spacious Classrooms, Library and Laboratories. The school has a huge playground behind the building with a 400 metre race track. In front of the building there is a lovely playing zone for toddlers.



  • Bus Facility

    The school buses have sufficient seating space for the children and are run by skilled drivers. The buses pick-up the children and drop them back to their respective stops safely. The children of far away places find it very convenient to go to school by the school bus.



  • Classrooms

    The classrooms are spacious, airy and well furnished. The chalk boards show minimum reflection.




  • Audio/Visual Room

    This is the most effective way to help a child understand various concepts easily through power point presentations. Even some good documentaries and good movies are shown to the children. The room is well-equipped and well-furnished.



  • Sports

    The school has a huge playground and children are made to play almost all kinds of indoor and outdoor games. Some of the games are Cricket, Table-tennis, Badminton, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Chess, Carrom board, Skating, Athletics,etc.



  • Yoga and Physical Training

    Children practice Yogasanas and Physical exercises regular intervals . This helps in the making the children physically fit and to relieve from mental stress.




  • Art and Craft

    Children learn various kinds of art and craft under the guidance of expert teachers. They learn different types of Indian and western paintings like Madhubani painting, Warli paintings, Patterns, impressions, Origamy, Paper cutting, clay-modeling, collage, creating Best out of Waste and many more drawing skills. Children love to draw and paint and this is the best way to bring out the creativity of a child.


  • Laboratories

    The school has well-equipped Science laboratories. Children get a first hand experience by performing science practicals which helps in understanding the concepts in a better way.



  • Math-Lab

    The school has a Maths-lab where the child is taught mathematical concepts with the help of various easy and interesting educational games. Maths is no more of a boredom and burden for kids now. They’ll love doing it!



  • Activity Room

    There is a colourful and well-furnished activity room in the school for the pre-primary children. The small kids perform funny and interesting activities like counting through beads, identifying shapes and colours, building blocks, Pink tower, EPL activities like identifying sounds, sensing various items through smell-bottles, etc., under the guidance of mother-teachers.



  • Computer Lab

    The school has well-equipped computer lab. The children learn computers under the guidance of expert teachers. The school has developed its own teaching-learning material for computers. There are sufficient number of computers in the lab. Individual attention is given to each child.



  • Dance and Music

    The school has a music room with various musical instruments like Keyboard, Guitar, Tabla, Harmonium, Flute, congo, etc. The children learn dance and music under the guidance of experts.



  • Community Service

    The school organizes educational visits to different places like Fields, Zoo, factories, etc. and many other places from where the children get an exposure to the outer world. They understand the various needs of the society and perform some related activities like planting trees, ‘say no to plastic’, etc.