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About Jain Public School, Barnagar is a branch of Jain Group of Institutions, Bangalore, slowly spreading its roots in various parts of the country. The school has three branches in Madhya Pradesh: Barnagar, Ratlam and Jhabua. The school is growing at a fast pace. It is a new step towards introducing modern education to the children living in villages and small towns. Our school’s motto is to impart such a standardized, common quality in a child: to instill into a child knowledge, skills, values and growth. To achieve this goal the school is determined to bring out the hidden talents of a child and to concentrate on the over-all development of the child with the help of modern tools and techniques.

‘Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand”

Keeping this in mind, the school believes in educating children by involving them in the Teaching-learning process and including activity based teaching. The school has well-equipped computer lab, A/Vroom, Math lab, Science lab and Activity room to make the teaching-learning process interesting. To make children love books, and not consider them as burden, we have set up bag-less education for the Pre-primary kids and minimum required books for the higher classes. No Homework is given to the child.
Mere raw score in the examinations may not be sufficient to judge a child. In this way we strive to bring out the total personality of a child and work upon the all round development of a child. To achieve this goal one has to probe into the depth of the child and identify and unearth the hidden talents. This requires real time exposure of the child to the right environment and provision of infrastructure and opportunities. Jain Public School provides all these resources to the optimum level.

The well established JPS machinery will form a sturdy platform to attain this goal. Individual attention is no more going to be a metaphorical expression in this school. The mentors understand the child and motivate them to bring out their talents through various activities, sports and competitions.

The school also believes in the spiritual growth of the child. Thus meditation and yogasanas are also practiced by the students in our school. In the modern age of globalization, it is more likely for a child to be influenced by the outer world, but our school also focuses on making the child understand and respect Indian culture and moral values.