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About Jain Public School, Ratlam
Jain Public School(Affiliated to CBSE 1030750) is one of the institutes which gives quality assurance that is initiated from within the School. It is a continuous School self-evolution program geared towards the achievement of School goals collectively. We started in the year 2010 with nursery to VII which has now grown to the level of class IX.

It is an institute which is run by JGI group, Bangalore. More than 80 such schools are running under their guidance across the country. With the help of well-qualified teachers and their tireless efforts, we try to give the best in the field of education with the help of modern technologies too.

JGI Educational Institutions are well supported by Centres of Excellence, which provide valuable research and consultancy backup to the whole network. The Centres of Excellence are also knowledge repositories, access to which leads to Quality Assurance across the JGI Network.